Best Commercial Bin Hire Types

Waste removal and management provide solutions for sustainable environmental benefits to individuals, communities, commercial and industrial establishments. It also provides social performance benefits as well as sources of employment. Commercial bin hire services are important for waste removal from small and medium businesses. These bins are designed for businesses with limited space and moderate waste removal needs.

Different commercial bin hire service providers use different bin types, sizes, colours and styles. There is no particular element that is universal across all service seekers. There is no one-size-fits-all scenario when it comes to provision of garbage removal services. It is upon the service seeker to decide the commercial bin hire characteristics that suit his or her needs. 

General Garbage Waste Bins

These provide simple but highly effective garbage collection and removal method for small businesses. These receptacles are easy to mange and do not require a lot of space. They are used for general low volumes of garbage for removal at least once a week. They are made in such a way that they are weather resistant and therefore can be placed inside or outdoors. They are also receptacles or many garbage types such as wood, paper, cardboards, plastics or any other solid waste of general nature. General garbage waste bins can be either wheeled or not. These commercial bin hire services follow the traditional bin delivery and pick-up method of garbage management.

Front Lift Bins

These commercial bins for hire products feature split lid functionality for easy and effective waste management. They may be colour-coded to the Australian standards or tailored for particular business needs. They are perfect for medium to high levels of commercial or industrial garbage. There are options to request for their special padlocks.

Bulk Bins

These are made of heavy duty steel and designed for high waste level producers in the industrial and commercial category.  They are used for bulk, dense and non-compactable garbage and can be fed using hands, conveyors, tipplers, chutes or with any other equipments.

Rear Lift Bins

These can either be four-wheeled or two-wheeled. Like all other, they can be colour-coded to Australian standards or the user decides the colour to use according to his preferences. They are used for commercial, industrial and municipal waste collection purposes. They are easy to move and lightweight making them highly effective.

Multi-Sort Bins

These are carefully selected and sorted bins that are placed on an area with multiple waste collection needs. For example, they can be place on an area with printers, photocopiers, coffee shops among other areas. The users decide where best to place the waste.