Important Questions to Ask When Arranging a Bin Hire

Hiring a skip bin can be needed for any home renovation or construction project, or for a big cleanup job at home or in the office. You may not even be legally allowed to put all that rubbish in your standard trash bins, and a large bin that is taken away at the end of the job can make work easier overall. Before you do arrange a bin hire, note some important questions to ask so you know you get the right one and know what's involved in the process.

Always ask if they accept mixed materials

You may need separate bins for heavy materials like concrete chunks and roofing tiles, and one for green waste, meaning sod, landscaping shrubbery, and the like. Be sure you ask about this if your cleanup or renovation project will mean tossing out more than one type of material.

You also might ask if you get a discount if you are tossing out single waste types only. Because it may mean more work for a bin company to sort through more than one type of rubbish, they may offer a discount for single types only.

Ask where the bin can be delivered

Don't assume a bin hire company can place the bin behind your garage; they may need certain clearance for the truck that delivers and collects the bin. Always ask about this before assuming the bin can be dropped anywhere, even if you're renting a very small one.

It's also not good to assume you can put the bin in an alley or public roadway, even if you think it will be dropped where you think no one will see it. The bin company may not deliver it behind your house or simply leave it in the street, as the bin itself might be taken away if it's found placed in a public roadway or any sort without certain permits in place. Don't think you can just assure the bin company that no one will see the bin or that your neighbors won't mind it being in the street, as they may not allow it to be put someplace inappropriate no matter your assurances.

Note if you can move the bin on your own

A small wheelie bin might be moved on your own, but larger bins may not have wheels and may be too heavy to lift, even with more than one person. A bin hire company may also have restrictions on which of their bins can be moved, so always ask when your project may span a large portion of your property and you'll want to move the bin. It may be advisable that you simply rent more than one and have them placed accordingly.