Top Waste Reduction Tips for Your Business

Skip bin rental is a service many modern businesses operating in Australia can't do without. But expectedly, commercial bin renters are constantly looking for ways of reducing their bin rental expenses. If you're a business manager, one way to effectively reduce the cost of bin rental is to reduce the amount of waste you need hauled away from your premises by a bin rental company. This way, you can rent a smaller bin, and avoid the higher costs of renting a bigger size bin. But how can you reduce your commercial waste?

Recycle recyclable items

Before ordering a skip bin for your commercial waste, you should take time to sort out the waste yourself so you can determine what may or may not be recycled in your local area. These days, there are many recycling facilities operating all over Australia, so you can be sure to find one local to your business.  Coordinate with your local recycling company to get money for your recyclables.

Get only what you need

The problem many businesses face is that they have large quantities of items they do not need at the workplace. When they are organising a sales promotion, for example, they may print more brochures than is actually needed for the marketing campaign. When the campaign is over, they are left with large piles of paper that they need to dispose of. This can be avoided by accurately estimating the requirements of the business before ordering for any new supplies or items.

Coordinate with other businesses

No business is banned from working with other businesses for mutual gain. If there is another business nearby that has a use for the waste that you generate, like a compost company, for instance, you can arrange for them to pick up organic waste from your premises. You can even negotiate a price for your waste, the same way you can with a recycling company. 

Remind employees on the importance of waste minimisation

Acting as your representatives, your employees are the main producers of waste in your business, so making sure you are sailing on the same boat when it comes to implementing your waste reduction policies is critical. Make sure to constantly remind them on the importance of waste minimisation so they can play their part in ensuring waste volumes are kept down.

Reducing waste saves money spent on bin rental, but also demonstrates that your business is sensitive to the needs of the environment. This is good for your business over the long term.