How to Prepare Rubbish for Recycling

Some people who are environmentally conscious may not know what else they can do to make it easier or more efficient to recycle the rubbish from their residential properties. Below are some of the things that you can do to ease the process of recycling the waste from your home.

Clean It

One of the easiest things that you can do before sending your rubbish to be recycled in to clean the materials. For example, get rid of food remains from any containers that you want to send for recycling. Rinse those containers with the used water from your kitchen sink. Avoid using clean water to wash the items that you want to send to the recycling plant because you will be wasting a resource on an activity that will be repeated at the recycling center.

Cleaning the waste will reduce the level of contamination that will have to be addressed during the process of recycling those materials. Washing also reduces the health risks that would have been faced by the people who pick up the materials to take them for recycling.

Squash the Materials

Another measure that you can take to ease the process of recycling the rubbish from your home is by squashing that rubbish. For instance, crush all the metal cans which you have collected. You should also squeeze the plastic bottles to alter their size by removing most of the air from them.

Squashing the containers reduces their volume. More trash will, therefore, be contained in a single bin than what would have been carried if the containers hadn't been squashed. The collection vehicle will also be able to carry more recyclable rubbish during each trip.

Remove All Lids and Labels

It is also helpful for you to remove any labels you see on the materials that you want to send for recycling. Remove the lids as well. Lids are usually made from a different material from the rest of the container. For example, the lid is usually made from a harder plastic than the rest of the plastic bottle. Removing those lids, therefore, reduces the contaminants that will be present in the plastic material which is produced by the recycling process.

Develop a habit of performing the actions above as soon as you have consumed or used the contents of any material which can be recycled. Talk to the people who recycle that rubbish about any additional measures that you can take to make their job easier or more efficient.