4 Reasons Why You Should Add a Trash Compactor to Your Skip Bin

Regardless of the type of business you operate, you need a solid plan for waste management and disposal. A common challenge people experience is dealing with too much waste on site. You may find yourself struggling to keep up with overflowing bins or smelly trash that makes your business appear unpleasant.

To solve these challenges, trash compactors are an excellent option to consider. These devices compress your garbage within the disposal bin to save on space and to manage foul odours.

Here are 4 reasons why adding a trash compactor to your commercial skip is a useful investment.

1. Save on the number of bins you need

The obvious benefit of trash compactors is that they compress your garbage so it takes up less space in the skip. In this way, you can dump more trash inside a smaller skip without worrying about running out of space.

If your skip bin overflows, your indoor garbage bins may also end up overflowing and making your business look messy. Trash compactors help you save on costs by using fewer and smaller trash bins.

2. A sanitary option

Did you know that compressing your garbage is actually a sanitary solution? Compressed trash is less prone to releasing foul odours and being penetrated by pests. In addition, the compression removes air that would cause faster decomposition of waste.

Therefore, using a trash compactor is an excellent way of dealing with smelly garbage items (such as leftover food from restaurants) and preventing overflowing trash that would cause sanitation challenges.

3. A better option for recycling

Does your business use large amounts of cardboard, paper or plastic? A trash compactor will come in handy when recycling such items. Because recyclables tend to take up lots of space, a compactor keeps the recycling bin from overflowing with cardboard boxes and plastic bottles.

This also increases the morale for recycling, so your workers hopefully won't opt to throw recyclable items into the regular trash can.

4. Overflowing bins are a turn-off to customers

Simply put, overflowing bins tend to turn away your customers. Whether it's an indoor trashcan or your outdoor skip bin, compactors reduce the likelihood of your trash from overflowing with waste. They essentially give you enough leeway to plan for the pickup of your skip bins before your waste disposal limits are reached. In this way, you can keep your business premises cleaner and more attractive to customers.

Contact a rubbish removal service for more information about skip bins in general.